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by / Wednesday, 22 April 2015 / Published in Community

In case you haven’t heard, Philadelphia is the place to be in 2015. With so much to see and do, all you need is a way to get there.

Enter Indego, the city’s new bike share system! Independence Blue Cross is proud to sponsor Indego, which gives residents, commuters, and visitors a convenient, affordable, and healthy new way to enjoy what the New York Times is calling our urban outdoor oasis.

Ride Indego for only $5

With Indego, you can rent a bike, go for a ride, and return it to any station in the system. We’re offering Independence Blue Cross members a special discount to ride:

Log on at to get a promo code to save $10 on your first month* when you sign up for an Indego30 membership. An Indego30 membership is $15, so the discount makes it just $5 for members to take unlimited, one-hour trips for 30 days. Indego30 memberships are available to purchase at

Enjoy the feeling of two-wheeling

Saving money is always a great incentive, but there are plenty of other reasons riding a bike is good for you — it’s a low-impact way to burn calories, it can help you meet new people, and research suggests commuting by bike makes us happier. All this, and it’s just plain fun!

Gear up to ride Indego by checking out these tips for safe riding. Whether you consider yourself a Tour de France contender, or the last bike you rode had a banana seat and handle-bar streamers, remember to wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.

I’m looking forward to exploring historic Old City on an Indego bike this summer. Where will you ride Indego?

*This offer is valid through September 30, 2015, at initial enrollment only and cannot be combined with other offers.

I am a senior copywriter at IBX. For me, the key to personal health and wellness is having simple goals and sticking to them — whether it’s drinking more water, working in a few extra steps each day, or just making time to unplug once in a while. When I’m not busy wordsmithing, my favorite ways to unwind include enjoying local arts and culture, reading a good book, and watching TV cooking shows.

7 Responses to “Gear up to Ride Indego”

  1. avatar Karenina says : Reply

    Hi Mary Eileen,
    I just logged on to ibxpress and couldn’t find the Indego promo code anywhere. Any tips? Thanks!

  2. avatar Karenina says : Reply

    I just found it – it was in the news section. I tried doing a few searches for it in a couple different search boxes, including Member Discounts, and it didn’t show up there though. That might be something to consider. Thanks anyway!

  3. avatar Diana says : Reply

    I am not able to find the promo code. I tried to look for a news section but I did not see that either.

    • avatar IBX Insights Team says : Reply

      Hi Diana, thank you for your comment. The promo offer referenced in this blog has expired; however, the promo will be available again. Stay tuned for a new blog with the updated offer in the next few months. Sincerely, Daina H.

  4. avatar PD says : Reply

    I tried it too but i didn’t work so got a referral — you could get 50% off your first month by using this link:

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