Microbursts: 4 Desk Exercises That Anyone Can Do

by / Monday, 10 July 2017 / Published in Wellness
Easy and convenient desk exercises that don’t require a gym, fitness equipment, or fancy workout gear.

What is a Microburst?

A microburst is a quick, simple exercise, or bout of physical activity that provides you with a full body workout and increases your energy level. Microbursts have real, concrete benefits and I don’t think you can find a more convenient exercise.

60-Second Desk Exercises

Each of these desk exercises works a different part of the body and lasts anywhere from 60 seconds to five minutes.

1. Core

For those of us who spend a lot of time at the computer, this microburst provides a much-needed stretch for the back.

2. Lower body

Break up all those conference calls with calf raises.

3. Full body

Give yourself a good, full-body stretch mid-day, and you’ll see a difference in your energy level.

4. Upper body

If you lug several bags back and forth to work, these shoulder rolls will help relieve some of the tension in your neck and shoulders.

Exos|Medifit runs the fitness center at Independence, and we’ve partnered with them to design each of the microbursts featured here.


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