As content development manager at IBX, I have the good luck to work with a team of talented, smart people who share my interest in health, fitness, and nutrition. Recently, I completed my first half marathon and set a personal record in running this year’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run.
Weight loss and aging
We’ve all been there. You make an appointment for your annual physical only to become painfully aware that your progress on last year’s advice — lose some weight and get in shape — has been a bit…slow. Unfortunately for all of us, the older you get, the harder it becomes to lose weight. But that’s no reason to give up….
As a kid, I was obsessed with glasses. In fact, for a brief period in the 80s, I went as far as wearing fake glasses to school. When a routine eye test showed I had a bona fide vision problem, I was thrilled. And, lucky for me, I’ve felt the same way ever since. It’s no secret that the right frames can make an unforgettable statement when it comes to personal style….
Office Yoga
No matter how you’re planning to spend your extra time off this Labor Day weekend, make sure you can keep the good vibes going when you’re back at work on Tuesday. Here are 3 ways to make your workday less like work:

Stand up for yourself (literally!)

Lately, it’s been said that that sitting is the new smoking….
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