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The Urgency of Connection in the COVID-19 Era
Mental health issues, including suicidal thoughts, have increased since the pandemic, especially in young people. Dr. Ryan Connolly explains how you can support someone in crisis.
Monthly Observance
Breast Cancer Screenings Save Lives
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so consider this a reminder to prioritize your health and talk your doctor about breast cancer screenings.
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety
What We Know About the COVID-19 Delta Strain
IBX Medical Director Dolores Roman explains the concerns around the latest COVID-19 Delta strain.
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CommunityLink: Connecting Members In Need With Organizations That Can Help

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Taking care of yourself is about much more than just managing your health conditions, visiting a doctor's office, or picking up your prescriptions. It’s hard to stay healthy when your…
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What You Can Do to Promote, Protect, and Support Breastfeeding

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Everyone deserves a real choice to feed their babies in the way that is best for them. Too often, breastfeeding is considered a luxury. I am profoundly grateful that I…
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Considering the Virtues of Virtual Health Care

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“Virtual care.” These are two words I am not sure I would have put together years ago. As a physician, I know what caring for patients is, but how could…
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Making New Social Connections: A Conversation with Catherine A. Sanderson, PhD

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Recently, I published an interview with one of my biggest mentors, Catherine A. Sanderson, PhD, who is the Poler Family Professor and Chair of Psychology at Amherst College, a popular…
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Breast Cancer Screenings Save Lives

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I recently turned 40, and in addition to the expected over-the-hill jokes and “You’re how old?!” cards that came my way, I also received a reminder in the mail to…
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What We Know About the COVID-19 Delta Strain

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We’ve come a long way since March 2020 when the COVID-19 virus caused millions of people across the globe to stay home in an effort to flatten the curve. As…

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