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Estimate Health Care Costs Before Your Appointment
You don’t have to wait for the bill to know how much you’ll pay for care.
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A woman researches her insurance plan on the couch, as her son eats an apple alongside.

Getting Started with Your Independence Blue Cross Health Plan

| Featured, Health Insurance | No Comments
Are you ready to get started using your Independence Blue Cross (Independence) health plan? I’m here to guide you through your first steps as a new member, so you can…

Let’s Have a Little Chat About Cervical Cancer Screenings

| Expert Advice, Featured, Preventive Health, Well-being | No Comments
Cervical cancer screenings (aka Pap tests or Pap smears) aren’t the most comfortable thing to talk about. (And frankly, the screenings themselves are sometimes a little uncomfortable, too.) But for…
A mom checks her child's temperature

RSV and Kids: What You Need to Know

| Expert Advice, Featured, Well-being | No Comments
You’ve probably heard the news: brace yourself for a particularly bad season for respiratory viruses. So, why are public health experts putting us on alert? Pandemic lockdowns and preventive health…
A person experiencing social anxiety stands off by themselves

How to Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder

| Featured, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Can you think of a time where you needed to get away from other people? Perhaps at a wedding? Or maybe an important dinner? It’s normal to need some “me…
Older man using his laptop computer at night

My Dad Got Scammed…Don’t Let This Happen to You

| Caregiving, Featured, Health Insurance, Medicare, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
You may have heard a lot about Internet scams. There are a lot of wonderful people in this world. But unfortunately, there are also many dishonest people who are willing…
A smiling woman talks to her therapist.

Finding the Right Type of Mental Health Provider

| Featured, Mental & Behavioral Health | No Comments
The demand for mental health services has skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the U.S. faces a chronic shortage of psychiatrists and other mental…

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