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mental health
Most people are having a hard time right now, but there are a few things we can all do to de-escalate the level of stress in our lives.
Is COVID-19 transitioning from being a pandemic to being endemic? This is something many public health experts are debating. But what’s the difference, and what are the implications?
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A mother kisses and cradles her baby

Two New Ways We’re Committed to Reducing Maternal Health Disparities

| Benefits, Featured, Health Equity, Health Insurance, Member Resources, Well-being | No Comments
It’s my privilege to serve as Executive Director of Health Equity for Independence Blue Cross (Independence). I’m here to help improve access to high-quality health care for all of our…
IBX: The Cover Story - Episode 12

IBX: The Cover Story – Navigating the Difficult Challenges of Alzheimer’s, Part 1

| Caregiving, Employee Well-being, Employers, Expert Advice, Featured, Health Insurance, Medicare, Podcast, Spotlight, Well-being | No Comments
In episode 12 of IBX: The Cover Story, I invite three special guests to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease from the perspective of personal experiences, clinical care, and facility management. My guests are…
Dermatologist examining the skin of a patient

Regular Dermatology Checkups May Have Saved My Life

| Featured, Well-being | No Comments
We hear a lot about the importance of preventive medicine, and rightly so. Getting regular checkups with your doctor can help catch health problems early, when they are easiest to…
A group of smiling kids.

Supporting Children Amidst a Backdrop of Gun Violence

| Caregiving, Featured, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Like many U.S. cities, Philadelphia is struggling with a rising tide of gun violence. During this calendar year alone, there were 957 nonfatal and 242 fatal shootings in the city…
Mother and teen have a talk at home

Gender Isn’t a “Reveal,” It’s a Journey

| Caregiving, Featured, Health Equity, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Our culture places a high value on gender “reveals,” where parents announce that they’ve “found out” what their child’s gender is. But, not so fast! Gender is much more complicated…
A family enjoys a clear day in a park

Health Equity in Philadelphia: What It Means and Why It Matters

| Community, Community Impact, Expert Advice, Featured, Health Equity, Innovation, Well-being | No Comments
I’m a transplant from Washington, D.C.; I know and understand the issues of large cities. Philadelphia has so much to offer: a wonderful history (including being the first World Heritage…

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