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by / Wednesday, 11 January 2012 / Published in Wellness

Worksite Wellness is not only an idea that works for Fortune 500 companies. At Drexel University in Philadelphia, their wellness program, A Healthier U, appeals to the university’s diverse faculty, staff, and students.

Victor Tringali, director of University Wellness, said that A Healthier U was “the perfect opportunity to affect 30,000-plus people to improve their health.”

A Healthier U offers a holistic approach, covering participants’ emotional, physical, and financial well-being. How?

“The biggest impact is that you see more and more people who you wouldn’t expect to see participate. Folks who aren’t as physically active and who don’t always participate in healthy behaviors are slowly gravitating towards the program because they have a colleague or friend that does.”

First, those who choose to participate never have to feel as though they have to go through it alone. Students and employees can work out with friends and family at the Drexel Recreation Center, a gym with 240,000 square feet of recreational space.

All are invited to take part in a variety of wellness-related programming, including stress management programs, lectures, and more. And better living doesn’t have to be boring either.

A Healthier U also puts the emphasis on fun. For example, staff who want a gold medal can compete in an Employee Olympics. And for students who want to give wall climbing a shot – yes, A Healthier U offers a program for that, too.

Drexel Aces the Wellness Challenge

A Healthier U also makes it easier to get tools to succeed online. Right on their website, participants can find:

  • walking maps of some of Philadelphia’s favorite attractions, including an 8.5 mile Schuylkill River Trail loop;
  • a personal health profile that delivers a customized snapshot of participants’ well-being;
  • budget calculators and other resources to maintain financial wellness.

All in all, Tringali wants people to take one lesson from A Healthier U: “True wealth comes with good health.”

Is Worksite Wellness working for you?

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