Transforming my mind and body

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If you’re anything like me, then another day at the gym on the elliptical burning some calories and doing the same ‘ol thing is a complete and utter bore. While growing up I was extremely active, playing a different sport every season. After college, finding the motivation to spend time at the gym on an elliptical, bike, or weight machine was nearly impossible.

As someone who has always had issues with body image, I really need to be active and get to the gym or I get upset. Noticing my saddened mood, one of my coworkers mentioned a studio that I should try. So I did the obvious: I Googled it…

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…and then I signed up. (After reading the reviews and making a quick call to the studio, I knew it was a class I just had to take.) The location I frequent is in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood at 255 S. 17th Street, but there are studios in Old City and Northern Liberties as well. (With more to come!)

Lithe Method® is in my life for good!

Lithe Method is a hybrid workout that incorporates moves from yoga, Pilates, barre, dance, cheerleading, isometrics, and even their own Cardio Cheer Sculpt® moves. Each class has a different name and focus, but they all work your entire body!

Turns out, it was not only having a boring exercise routine that had my scale stuck, it was something more. I’m the type of person who works harder when other people are around. Being in a group class setting is real motivation for me. I realized I was working much harder than I ever would have on a machine at the gym.

I quickly went from working out a couple times a week to getting to a class as many days as possible. Being sore all over is a feeling I love, which I know may sound weird but, hey, it means I’m doing something right!

Finding the perfect solution

For me, finding a workout I love made me feel better and helped lead to living a healthier lifestyle. Besides attending classes at Lithe, I’ve learned that eating healthier with more fresh, natural foods and eliminating packaged foods full of preservatives and sodium have been key to feeling better. Granted, I found it impossible to cut out all foods deemed not healthy, so I try to follow the 80/20 rule and allow myself some “not so good for you” foods!

Have you found your perfect solution to your workout rut?

Anna Johnsrud
As a member of the Corporate Development and Innovation team at Independence Blue Cross (IBX), Anna has been involved in advancing the organization’s human-centered innovation approach through leading project teams through IBX’s methodology to solve critical challenges, assisting in the creation of programming, and ensuring communication of key innovation activities. Anna knows and understands the importance of keeping our members at the center of all we do. She loves using creativity and energy to tackle anything that comes her way. She has been with IBX since 2008 in a variety of roles in Strategy and Corporate Planning before joining the Innovation team in 2012.

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  1. avatar Cathy says : Reply

    Not only is she healthy, this blogger looks amazing! I’m so proud of all her hard work and how incredible she looks!

  2. avatar Jill says : Reply

    What a great blog! I’ve heard really good things about Lithe. Congrats on finding a workout you love.

  3. avatar Anna says : Reply

    Cathy and Jill: thanks for reading – I hope you’ve found your own way to workout and be happy doing it!

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