6 Tips for running in the heat

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 by
The clichéd triple H effect — heat, haziness, and humidity — has rolled into the Philadelphia area, confirming that yes, it truly is summer. And while kids flock to community pools, outdoor runners might feel inclined to head to the nearest air-conditioned cardio gym. But don’t be in a hurry to ditch the trails or asphalt for the treadmill — at least not for the entire season….
An active vacation can shore make you feel good
If you’re planning to head down the shore this summer, you may be tempted to spend most of your vacation in a beach chair or lounging on your beach towel soaking up the sun. Since sitting for long periods isn’t good for you, use the seaside as an inspiration to shake up your regular fitness routine instead of becoming a beach bum….
Health Plan Organization (HMO) plans are designed to help you save money on covered health care services. But are you saving as much as you could? The infographic below will show you how you can maximize your HMO health plan benefits, from using a primary care physician to coordinate your health care, to understanding how to choose providers that offer high-quality services at lower costs….
When the mercury rises, so does your risk of heat-related illnesses. Although heat-related illnesses can affect anyone, there are certain risk factors that may make you more susceptible during the summer heat. Infants, young children, and the elderly are all at a higher risk for heat exhaustion. In addition, certain medications — such as high blood pressure medication — may affect your body’s ability to regulate heat and stay hydrated….