The 2016 wedding season is about to kick off, so if you are part of one of the more than two million couples who will tie knot this year — or more specifically one of the nearly 70,000 who got married in Philadelphia, congratulations! While you are busy tackling the final to-dos and rehearsing the I dos,…
Sometimes, health statistics tell an encouraging story. For example, since 2002, more U.S. citizens have become former smokers than new ones.1 But recently, I came across some numbers that hit home: In a study of children who were given a 10-day course of penicillin for strep infections, 56 percent were not taking the drug by the third day,
Philadelphia is an innovation hot spot these days, with everyone from international corporations to small start-ups working together to bring new ideas and development to the health care industry. At the forefront, Independence Blue Cross is proud to have a leading role in this innovative environment. One key focus is our use of health care data to make a difference in health care management and long-term care….
When you or a family member gets sick or hurt, you want a doctor — and fast. But depending on the severity of the medical issue, pausing for a moment and thinking about not just the closest place to get care, but the most appropriate place to get it, can make a big difference. A National Health Interview Survey found that almost 80 percent of adults who visited ERs over a 12-month period said they did so because of a lack of access to other health care providers….
The word “desert” conjures up images of sweeping sand dunes, blazing sun, and the occasional palm tree. It’s a barren, desolate place, and does not have the natural resources most living things need to survive. It’s fitting then that nutritionists and the media have begun using the term “food desert” to apply to places that perhaps have less sand and more high-rises,…
Imagine you’ve moved to a new town and need a pediatrician for the kids’ annual well visits. Or maybe your allergies are out of control and you need to find someone to clear you up ASAP. Perhaps your primary care physician (PCP) suggested you see a specialist to monitor you for a family health issue. You’re in the market for a new doctor.