The Gluten-Free Trend — Is it right for you?
Kale was cool, and quinoa quirky, but the biggest nutrition trend to reach supermarket shelves in recent history is gluten-free. Once just an ingredient in your morning cereal or favorite pasta, gluten has become a household name — and to many, a negative one. So why does gluten suddenly have a bad rap? Very often wheat products that contain gluten are also highly processed — think buttery crackers and frozen pizza….
Innovation Insights Series Sparks Discussion Around Great Ideas
When we opened the Center for Health Care Innovation at Independence Blue Cross in 2014, we wanted it to be a place where people could come to share and discuss great ideas. With this in mind, our Innovation Insights discussion series was born.

What is the Innovation Insights Discussion Series?

Every month, we invite top leaders and thinkers from our organization and the Philly community to the Center for Health Care Innovation to talk to our employees and guests about new business ideas and the latest industry developments….
Nurses play a critical and evolving role in health care delivery, and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation (the Foundation) is leading the way for nurses pursuing teaching or clinical practice roles to educate the next generation of health care leaders. Through our Nurses for Tomorrow program, we’re proud to partner with 22 nursing schools in southeastern Pennsylvania and award more than $1.5 million annually in undergraduate,…