Resolving to change your diet? This year, let your smartphone help
Every New Year’s Eve, many of us resolve to finally clean up our diets or lose weight…but are back to our old ways by March. Maybe the best way to keep good habits alive is to combine them with an existing habit: in my case, compulsive smartphone use. I recently test-drove three free diet-tracking apps so that I can hit the ground running on January 1….
View full infographic to learn all about deductibles.  

What’s the deal with deductibles?

While most health insurance plans are made of the same parts, each of those parts can have slightly different costs. And though it may not always be obvious, those slightly different costs can have a major impact on your family’s bottom line….
Learn how to stop emotional eating with these healthy holiday eating tips.
With holiday parties, family dinners, and happy hours, it can feel near impossible to find a balance when it comes to your health. But fear not, help is near! We spoke registered dietitian and certified personal trainer John Rickards with to give you some tips for healthy holiday eating and advice on how to survive the busy and ever-so-tempting holiday season….
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One of the best things about working at Independence Blue Cross is the multitude of opportunities we have to give back to our community as volunteers. Through our Blue Crew Corporate Volunteer Program — one of the most respected volunteer programs in the Philadelphia region — associates, their families, and retirees participate in diverse service projects that support more than 70 non-profit organizations and events….