Life happens — but COBRA isn’t your only health insurance option

Lose your health insurance? You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

No one plans on getting sick, having an accident, or losing their health insurance. But it sometimes happens. The good news is that COBRA coverage isn’t your only choice for health insurance. In fact, losing your coverage may actually qualify you for special enrollment in a health plan….

Road to Wellness: Introduction

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 by
IBX’s Road to Wellness Blog Series
How well did you sleep last night? Not great? What about your day? Were you cooped up, glued to your computer or smartphone? Did you throw down some fast food for lunch? If so, you’re not alone. Consider these sobering health and wellness statistics — The Wellness Council of America1 reports that the typical American: Gets a poor night’s sleep Eats one or more meals outside the home daily Receives 50 to 100 emails and countless text messages each day Is considered either overweight or obese Consumes his or her body weight in refined sugar each year Spends 95 percent of the day indoors I don’t know about you,…
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Coordinated Care Shows Success of Heart Patient Monitoring Program
An enhanced heart failure care coordination and management program launched by Independence Blue Cross in mid-2015 is showing encouraging, positive results and decreased hospitalization. The program electronic remote monitoring (telemonitoring) of patients’ vital signs and health care through ReAdmission Solutions (RAS), an independent company, to allow for better coordination of care for patients with heart failure….
New Perks & Discounts for Independence Blue Cross Members!
Your Independence Blue Cross (IBX) member ID card is your key to quality health care and additional advantages that you might not know about — including discounts, reimbursements, and personal support that can help you reach your health and wellness potential.*

Here are some IBX member perks to take advantage of this year:

Free admission at the Blue Cross RiverRink….
Knowing your health numbers can save your life
Date of birth, phone numbers, Social Security numbers — keeping these numbers top of mind can save you a lot of time. But when it comes to your health, knowing specific numbers may actually help save your life.

What health numbers do I need to know?

The basic numbers you need to know are your: Blood sugar Blood pressure Cholesterol Body weight and BMI By keeping track of these numbers,…

Nutrition Labels Get a Makeover

Friday, 05 February 2016 by
nutrition labels - infographic
Did you know that you’re probably consuming more than a recommended “serving size” when you eat? When the FDA created nutrition labels in 1993, serving sizes were based on food consumption data from the late ’70s and late ’80s. Portion sizes have super-sized over time, along with increased rates of obesity and chronic diseases, which is why the FDA has proposed new rules for nutrition label design and serving sizes….