Broad Street Beats 2016

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Broad Street Beats 2016

Sometimes you just aren’t having a great run. You’re dragging your feet, cursing every step and wondering why you run in the first place. When that happens, the right beat, anthem, or lyrics to your favorite song can inspire you, energize you, and motivate you to push through that hump and finish out strong.

We reached out to the Blue Streaks, members of IBX’s running club, to ask them what their go-to songs are for those days when they need that little extra push. The result? A music playlist for runners that is both fresh and nostalgic — the perfect combination to help you through the last few weeks of your Blue Cross Broad Street Run training.

Need a little motivation? Check out the Blue Streaks’ powerhouse playlist!

"Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay

"This is the kind of song I get lost in while listening to it on a run. It’s got a melodic mix that works with my happy pace."
- Heather Major

"Over" by Gusgus

“From their album Arabian Horse, clocking in at 124 BPM, this song tells the story of giving up, not going that extra mile, and a desire to start over — runners can relate to those themes.”
− Chris Rossi

"Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance

“Ok, so the song’s a bit dark but it’s really about overcoming obstacles and ignoring critics. Plus the beat gets me moving. Stay emo!”
− Kathleen Davis

"My Shot" from the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording

“I’ve been running to this entire show for months now. Lin Manuel-Miranda’s hip-hop show tunes have great tempo for a full race playlist, but My Shot is the best for treadmill training runs. The trick is to start slow and increase the speed a notch every time ‘shot’ is sung. Take it down to a rest rate during Burr’s warning and then start building up again. By the end of the song, you’ll be at a full sprint, guaranteed.”
− Allison Krumm

"Be Mine!" by Robyn

 “This track has great energy, and matches my ideal running cadence.”
− Michael Holmes

"Make Total Destroy" by Periphery

“The music and vocals are fast-paced and heavy, but the lyrics are about overcoming adversity. This song really gets my adrenaline pumping and pushes me to keep going.”
− Eric Rossi

"Geraldine" by Glasvegas

“I turn it up as loud as I can stand it and pick up the pace. This song never fails me.”
− Kathleen Conlon

"Flashing Lights" by Kanye West

“An oldie, but goodie. I am not as into Kanye’s new stuff, but I still listen to the Graduation album regularly. The chorus always keeps me moving…. ‘Lights, lights, lights’.”
− Kristen Mariana

"Bigtime" by The Soundtrack of our Lives

“Fast-paced song with a big sound; bass line is just perfect for keeping a comfortable pace.”
− Sarah Matthews

"Every Good Thing" by The Afters

“I like to reconnect with myself and reflect on what’s happening in my life while I run. This song's upbeat energy and lyrics of gratitude help me to take a step back and thank God for every good thing in my life.”
− Daina Havens

"Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe

“Everyone has that song you can run and sing to. For me, it’s the entire 90s R&B Anthems playlist on Spotify – Poison just happens to top the list.”
− Kim-Thao Nguyen

Kim-Thao Nguyen
I'm an internet communications coordinator at IBX. I believe in a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, and always find reasons to be active — whether it's training for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, exploring Philly on my bike, or hiking around the world.

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