Special Enrollment Period -
Open enrollment comes every fall, but you could lose coverage, add a new member to your family, or move at any time of year. What happens then? We get a lot of questions about this. The answer is applying during a special enrollment period. Read on for some answers about applying for health insurance outside of the open enrollment period….
Advance care planning (otherwise known as an advance directive) is crucial to ensuring that you'll receive the quality of care you desire as you grow older.
My “baby” turned 25 today. He lives in Los Angeles and is all grown up, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t celebrate his birth. In fact, as my children have left the nest and we don’t spend as much time actively celebrating birthdays with family and friends, I now use this time to reflect on them — the pregnancies,…
The IBX Human-centered design innovation toolkit
We are really excited to share our new innovation toolkit! It is another way Independence Blue Cross is helping organizations address their unique business challenges using the core principles of Human-Centered InnovationSM — our launch pad and process for pioneering new ideas to change the way health care is designed, delivered, and experienced via human-centered design….
Sheppard Elementary
I grew up in Philly and was educated in the Philadelphia public school system, from pre-K all the way up through graduating from Mastbaum High School (Go Panthers!). I have great memories of classes, teachers, field trips, and lifelong friendships — so saying “Yes” when I had the chance to help at Sheppard Elementary was a no-brainer….
breastfeeding support group - There's plenty of support for breastfeeding moms - you just need to know where to look.
I recently had a baby and decided to breastfeed. But what seemed like a simple decision turned out to be more challenging than I thought. Luckily, being an Independence Blue Cross (Independence) member helped me discover resources (like a breastfeeding support group) which made the experience much smoother. Here are my tips for getting through those first few months of nursing….