Make sure your children are healthy when they go back to school by following our back-to-school health checklist.
Kids are going back to school, which means that parents have some homework to do: how do you get the care that will help your children thrive this year? If you are enrolled in a health insurance plan through Independence Blue Cross, your dependents will enjoy the same coverage. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act,…
Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, allows you to communicate with a doctor quickly and efficiently.

Could telemedicine change your approach to healthcare?

It’s 11 p.m., and you are woken by the sound of crying. A peek into your son’s bedroom confirms your fears: he’s sitting up in bed, holding his ear, and in tears. You’ve been here before — this isn’t the first ear infection he’s faced. You know the quickest path to a painless night and quality sleep is a prescription,…
IBX associates volunteering at Turning Points for Children.
Michelle Histand is pictured 4th from the left with IBX associates volunteering at Turning Points for Children.

Why do IBX Associates Volunteer?

Sometimes the hardest part of volunteering is getting started. We keep waiting until we have more time, until we find the right organization, until we figure out how we can help….

Are You Facing Your Fears?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? We often don’t try the very thing we dream of doing because our fears and anxiety get in our way — the fear of failure, humiliation, or imperfection. Even the fear of success can stop us in our tracks. There is a beautiful quote,…
Blue Crew Volunteer Carol Dunleavy was acknowledged for all of her hard work and efforts with the Blue Crew.
Blue Crew volunteer Carol is pictured above holding her Outstanding Achievement in Volunteer Service Award.

Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Carol Dunleavy

Carol Dunleavy, Senior employee relations specialist Years at Independence Blue Cross: 4 How did you become a Blue Crew volunteer? A few months after I joined Independence, I joined the Blue Crew efforts….
Independence Blue Cross associates are happy to participate in our United Way Campaign.
September is a special time at Independence Blue Cross – it marks our annual two-week campaign for the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. This is a time when our associates come together to positively impact our community by pledging their financial support and volunteering their time to help those who need it most….
Now is the perfect time to ride with the Indego Bike Share.
What’s not to like about riding a bike? Two-wheeling is a fun and low-impact way to burn calories, and it’s more popular than ever in Philadelphia thanks to Indego bike share. After Indego launched in spring 2015, there were more than 500,000 rides in the first year alone, and the number continues to grow! There are plenty of reasons to ride throughout the city,…
Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Hellen Furlow.
Helen is pictured at the far left, volunteering at the Cozen PAL Prom Boutique.

Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Helen Furlow

Helen Furlow, Senior administrative assistant Years at Independence Blue Cross: 9 When did you become a Blue Crew volunteer? I believe my first Blue Crew event was volunteering for Philly Reads in 2008….
Get unstuck and face your fears!

Ready to get unstuck?

Have you ever felt like you’re living in the film Groundhog Day, with one day just running on repeat? At some point, we’ve all felt like we’re getting nowhere. It’s usually a sign that we are feeling stuck, living our life in our comfort zone where we do the same things,…
Sometimes, we get stuck. No matter who you are, or what you’ve accomplished, we can forget how to tap into our best, most courageous, fearless selves. I’ve personally felt stuck in my life, and I’ve faced cancer twice. I know how it feels to lose your way. I also know the rush of pulling yourself out of that place….