Healthy sleep habits can help you avoid serious health issues including heart disease and stroke.
Let’s face it, sleep is often the first thing to go when you find yourself over-scheduled and staring at a mile-long to-do list. There will always be more emails to answer, lunches to pack, or laundry to do. And since the rest of your day is accounted for, sleep seems like the one area you can cut into without consequence….

Should You Go Vegan?

Monday, 28 November 2016 by
Thinking of starting a plant-based diet? We asked a registered dietician how to go vegan the healthy way.
There are certainly plenty of reasons to go vegan. But is it the best choice for you? We asked John Rickards, a local registered dietitian and personal trainer, why you should — or shouldn’t — go vegan, how to make it last, and what his secret ingredient is for whipping up vegan baked goods.

Can a vegan diet be healthy?

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Confused about the total cost of health coverage? We broke it down to five questions you can ask yourself to find the ideal plan for you.
Let’s face it: choosing a health insurance plan isn’t as simple as picking the plan with the lowest monthly rate. You may do this with car insurance or homeowners insurance – taking a gamble by choosing the cheapest plan and hoping you never have to use it. But health coverage is different. You should be using it,…
Meet Cynthia Hayward, a valued IBX Blue Crew volunteer who helps the Ronald McDonald House and other nonprofits in the greater Philadelphia region.
Blue Crew volunteer Cynthia is pictured above holding her Outstanding Achievement in Volunteer Service Award.

Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Cynthia Hayward

Cynthia Hayward, Delegation oversight specialist Years at Independence Blue Cross: 20 How did you become a Blue Crew volunteer? I became a Blue Crew volunteer in 2010 for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run….
Better leadership through innovation in health care
Got your eye on the next big thing? As consumers, we’re continually surrounded by the new, the advanced, the technologically superior. I’ll admit it; I’m a bit of a gadget guy and I’ve fallen for some fancy – but oh so fun – toys. My 3D curved TV? I can honestly say I love that machine….
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Read on to learn more about Blue Crew Volunteer Marshell Vicks.
Blue Crew volunteer Marshell is pictured above holding her Outstanding Achievement in Volunteer Service Award.

Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Marshell Vicks

Marshell Vicks, Lead Analyst Years at Independence Blue Cross: 28 How did you become a Blue Crew volunteer? I have been volunteering with the Blue Crew for the past ten years….
Simple dietary changes mean big health benefits

Simple dietary changes mean big health benefits

Food is a great source of pleasure, a shared cultural touchstone, and the center of many traditions. The good news is, enjoying food and eating healthy are not mutually exclusive; it’s possible to do both. When you make the right choices, your taste buds and your body will thank you….
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Important facts and helpful resources for dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers from a geriatrician.

My first experience with Alzheimer’s care

I remember the first time I interviewed a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. I was still a medical student, a confident newbie, just learning the skills it takes to obtain a good medical history. I sat in the exam room with a lovely, immaculately-dressed, older woman who appeared to answer all my questions adequately….
Are you ready to sign up for health insurance? Learn how with our helpful guide.
Open Enrollment 2017 is here, and you’re ready to sign up for a health insurance plan — you may even have a health plan from Independence Blue Cross already picked out — but what else do you need to apply? We put together a handy checklist to make sure that you have everything you need when you sign up for health insurance for 2017….
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Community involvement is an integral part of the culture here at Independence Blue Cross. I have the privilege of serving as the executive sponsor for the Blue Crew, our corporate volunteer program that just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Our Blue Crew volunteers positively impact the greater Philadelphia community every day through their participation in community service projects….