When we start obsessing over every minor change or pain that more serious problems can develop.
It starts with waking up one day and noticing something different with your body. It could be a bump on your foot, or maybe your head feels heavier than usual. Next thing you know, you’re googling different symptoms for hours and diagnosing yourself with rare, life-threatening diseases. Don’t worry; we’ve all done it before. However, it’s when we start obsessing over every minor change or pain that more serious problems can develop….
Eight digital health start-ups in the Dreamit Health class of 2017 participated in a Shark Tank-style business pitch to representatives from Independence Blue Cross. Since 2012, the Dreamit Health Philadelphia accelerator has given entrepreneurs support to turn their innovative ideas into real-life, workable health care solutions. As we gear up for Demo Day for the Dreamit Health Philadelphia class of 2017,…
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In this video, Independence associates Michael Holmes and Kim-Thao Nguyen share more tips on how you can personalize your own first aid kit. Now that the weather is nice, you and your family are probably out and about more than ever — kicking up sand at the beach, lounging at the pool, hiking, biking,…
exercise tips for busy parents
I frequently describe parenting as a 14-hour work day. Parents out there know what I’m talking about. For me, the day starts at 7 a.m. and goes full steam ahead until around 9:30 p.m. My days are filled with chores, joy, frustration, chores, fun, tedium, chores, and all the other challenges and rewards of working to support a family of five….

Lay It on Thick…With Sunscreen

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How to apply sunscreen
One gallon. We can all picture what this looks like, right? One of those big, plastic jugs of milk with the handle? One gallon is the same as 128 fluid ounces. If you have a family of four, this means you should be emptying a one-gallon jug of sunscreen about every month if you’re poolside daily….
Tips to get creative ideas flowing
Help foster innovation by asking people to agree to guidelines, like being positive and open minded. Defining innovation can be challenging. For us, innovation means thinking differently, exhibiting creative behaviors, and continually doing things in new ways to create positive change. We want our employees to feel empowered to foster innovation. But, how can we be innovative in our everyday work?…
Philly hiking trails - Valley Forge
Pictured: Valley Forge contains 19.5 miles of marked hiking trails and 21 miles of authorized biking trails, with connections to both Montgomery County and Philadelphia. Photo credit: David MacFarlane Want to unplug and explore nature without straying far from the city limits? With summer right around the corner there couldn’t be a better time to hit the trails….
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If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you’re familiar with the list of items recommended for you that appears when you log in. And you may have noticed that this feature is oddly spot-on. How many times have you glanced at the recommendations just to think to yourself “Hmm, I could use that,” and end up buying the item?…
Blue Crew volunteer
Eric Inge (center) with fellow Blue Crew Volunteers at the Medal of Honor Grove in Valley Forge. Eric Inge, Senior Business Analyst Years on the Blue Crew Advisory Board: 2 When you’re a volunteer, you have to be ready for anything — even things you can’t always see. One of Eric Inge’s most memorable (and eerie) volunteer experiences took place in the pre-dawn hours at the Philadelphia Zoo,…
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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps regenerate tissue, protects against heart disease, and can decrease cholesterol. When you think about the best sources of vitamin C, you naturally think of oranges, right? No disrespect to that morning glass of OJ, but vitamin C is abundant in lots of fruits and veggies. As the old knock knock joke goes,…