clio health award
The Live Fearless ad campaign is charging forward with its message of optimism and empowerment, this time winning a Clio Health award for its Fearless Nation video series! Live Fearless is the most successful campaign in Blue Cross Blue Shield Association* history, and another example of the power of collaboration between the Blues….
Jefferson innovation parternship
Philly’s NextFab makerspace used the Independence Blue Cross logo for a 3-D printing demo during a recent Jefferson Health Speakers Series at our Center for Health Care Innovation. Philadelphia is widely recognized as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Independence Blue Cross (Independence) and Jefferson Health — two organizations with long-standing traditions of leading change in our region — have forged a strategic relationship to reinvent health care access and delivery by helping to create solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges….
IBX innovation director Michelle Histand walks workshop challenge participants through the process of putting people first when they’re problem-solving. Cross your arms. Now try crossing them the opposite way. Feels strange, doesn’t it? Try it a few more times, and it won’t feel as strange. To be innovative, you have to practice getting comfortable doing uncomfortable things….
Independence Blue Cross health plan
Welcome, new members! We want you to be able to take advantage of your new health benefits, as well as your Independence member discounts and perks, as soon as possible. So here are three steps for getting started with your 2017 Independence health plan.

1. Register for the member website. is our secure online member website where you can view your health plan benefit details,…
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They say New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. Maybe that’s because we focus too much on a specific goal, like losing ten pounds, instead of the small steps we need to take to reach it. A new year brings another chance to hit the reset button and make small changes that can add up to big improvements in our well-being….
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If you’re shopping for an individual health insurance plan for the first time, it may feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to compare health insurance plans, get a free health insurance quote, and enroll in a plan.

How can I find an affordable health insurance plan?

Many of the people who apply for health insurance will receive financial assistance from the federal government to help purchase a health plan….
patient-focused care
Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with fellow Blue plan sales leaders from around the country to discuss the strengths the Blue system offers our customers. While we agreed on many, one stood out — our commitment to driving patient-focused care and improving the health care experience. By continuing to partner closely with doctors, hospitals,…
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