volunteer Philadelphia
Put yourself in the shoes of a tired parent sitting down to a home-cooked meal after a long day in a sick child’s hospital room. Picture a student’s smiling face as he discovers the joy of reading. If you do, you’ll begin to understand why Amanda Blumenthal dedicates so much time as a volunteer and rallies her coworkers to share their own time and talents to make a difference….
When to get a colonoscopy
March is colorectal cancer awareness month, so it’s a good time to learn about this potentially deadly disease and spread the word about colonoscopy, the most effective way to screen for colorectal cancer. As a Senior Medical Director at Independence Blue Cross, I’m committed to educating people about the importance of colonoscopy and what we’re doing as a company to encourage more people to get this life-saving screening….
emotional well-being
When someone asks about your health, it’s natural to think about how your body feels. Do you have a cold? A nagging back pain? Or maybe you think about how you could hit the gym more often, or work more vegetables into your diet. Too often, we focus on our physical well-being and forget how important our emotional well-being is….
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Broad Street Run training
Whether you’re a Blue Cross® Broad Street Run (BCBSR) legacy or a first-timer, on May 7 we’ll all wear the same bibs and together complete the largest ten-mile road race in the country. This year I’ll be making my 23rd run down Broad Street. It’s a run like no other;…
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Food vs. Food: Greens

Friday, 17 March 2017 by
most healthy greens
Greens. Whether you love ‘em, tolerate ‘em, or still push them around the plate so it looks like you ate ‘em, we can all agree that they’re good for you. If eating your greens is a fight every time, maybe it’s time for a rematch. Read on for some fresh ideas.

Done with iceberg? Try romaine.

Break the Breakfast Rut

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 by
Make-ahead breakfasts
Nothing shames us more than picture-perfect Instagram breakfasts: colorful, carb-free, with a high likelihood of chia seeds. On the average Wednesday morning, I’m not looking for a photogenic breakfast, just something tasty and healthy that I can eat one-handed while getting ready for the day. I asked Heather Rudalavage, RDN LDN, dietitian, busy mom, and founder of Intuitive Nutrition about her refreshingly simple morning meals,…

Food vs. Food: Potatoes

Monday, 13 March 2017 by
favorite potato dishes
Potato, po-tah-toe, Yukon Gold, Idaho Russet, waxy, starchy…there are so many types of potato that it’s easy to get them mashed up in our heads. So we put them eye to eye to see how these spuds stack up against each other, nutritionally and in your favorite dishes.

Round 1: Regular Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes

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Improving health coverage
Helping members maintain their best possible health is one of our company’s primary goals — and its success hinges on how effectively we actively engage members in their health. But developing the right mix of products, services, and programs and getting members to use them can be a challenge. That’s where IBX Opinions comes in. IBX Opinions is an online insights panel of over 2,200 people in our community who weigh-in on a variety of topics from the member experience,…
Personal health record
For years, my Dad kept a piece of paper the size of a credit card in his wallet with the names and numbers of his doctors and specialists. As he got older, the paper got longer, and over time, he added the names of his prescriptions on the back. Eventually, he laminated it. In theory, my dad’s wallet card worked as he intended,…