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Broad Street Beats 2016

By April 25, 2016August 17th, 2021Events/Sponsorships Well-being
A woman listens to music on headphones, ready for her run

Sometimes you just aren’t having a great run. You’re dragging your feet, cursing every step and wondering why you run in the first place. When that happens, the right beat, anthem, or lyrics to your favorite song can inspire you, energize you, and motivate you to push through that hump and finish out strong.

We reached out to the Blue Streaks, members of IBX’s running club, to ask them what their go-to songs are for those days when they need that little extra push. The result? A music playlist for runners that is both fresh and nostalgic — the perfect combination to help you through the last few weeks of your Blue Cross Broad Street Run training.

Need a little motivation? Check out the Blue Streaks’ powerhouse playlist!

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