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Estimate Health Care Costs Before Your Appointment
You don’t have to wait for the bill to know how much you’ll pay for care.
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An African American man gets his hair cut by a skilled stylist at the barbershop.

Men’s Mental Health: Building Connections at the Barbershop

| Featured, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
In many communities of color, there is a tradition of sharing personal stories, getting support, and building connections at the barbershop.
Senior gay male couple at home cooking together

Healthy Aging in the LGBTQIA+ Community

| Caregiving, Featured, Health Equity, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Older LGBTQIA+ people’s health challenges must be addressed. Achieving healthy aging in the LGBTQ community will require awareness, compassion, and action.
A couple looks up information about health insurance on their laptop.

What You Need to Know About Medicaid Redetermination

| Featured, Health Insurance, Member Resources | No Comments
If Medicaid Redetermination affects you, IBX can help! See if you qualify for $0 health insurance and get help enrolling in a new plan.
A girl uses an inhaler with a spacer attached.

Let’s Take a Deep Breath and Talk About Asthma

| Caregiving, Expert Advice, Featured, Well-being | No Comments
Let’s take a deep breath and talk about asthma. This condition affects 1 in 13 Americans, including 4.8 million children, and can be very dangerous.
Chuck Stefanosky in the Independence Blue Cross lobby.

Why Supplier Diversity Matters at Independence Blue Cross

| Community, Community Impact, Company Culture, Employers, Featured, Innovation, Innovations in Health Care | No Comments
Our supplier diversity program supports minority-owned businesses, helps to build the local economy, and sets an example for other organizations.
A young pregnant woman drinks tea

Improving the Odds for Black People Who Are Pregnant

| Expert Advice, Featured, Health Equity, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Given the high maternal mortality rates that Black people face, Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins offers advice to improve the odds of a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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