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Most people are having a hard time right now, but there are a few things we can all do to de-escalate the level of stress in our lives.
Is COVID-19 transitioning from being a pandemic to being endemic? This is something many public health experts are debating. But what’s the difference, and what are the implications?
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A doctor takes a non-binary woman's blood pressure

Improving Health in the LGBTQIA Community

| Caregiving, Featured, Health Equity, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
This is a time of unprecedented visibility for lesbian, gay, bisexual (bi), transgender (trans), and intersex people. I’ll use the term LGBTQIA to encompass this very diverse population. With this…
A young woman and her grandfather enjoy a low intensity walk together

LISS is Bliss: How Low-Intensity Steady State Training is Next Level

| Featured, Fitness, Well-being | No Comments
When it comes to exercising, you’ve heard the expression, “No pain, no gain,” right? We’ve been conditioned to believe that sweat, intensity, and constant movement are key to a rewarding…
An empty nest in a tree, with a torn photo effect applied.

How to Navigate Empty Nest Syndrome

| Community, Featured, Mental & Behavioral Health, Well-being | No Comments
Independence Blue Cross Vice President of Operations Nicole Gold has done a remarkable job of raising her son, Hayden. He was a valedictorian at his high school graduation and will…
Woman using laptop at home

High Blood Pressure Means High Risk in Pregnancy

| Expert Advice, Featured, Health Equity, Well-being | No Comments
High blood pressure during pregnancy, also known as maternal hypertension, affects close to 15 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. Maternal hypertension can be serious and can endanger the…
Graphic: Health Care Costs and Trends

The Value of Meaningful and Purposeful Health Care Data

| Employee Well-being, Employers, Featured, Spotlight | No Comments
When I’m getting dressed in the morning, I depend on the weather report to help me decide what to wear. And when I’m planning a trip into the city, I…
IBX: The Cover Story - Episode 13

IBX: The Cover Story – Navigating the Difficult Challenges of Alzheimer’s, Part II

| Caregiving, Employee Well-being, Employers, Expert Advice, Featured, Health Insurance, Medicare, Podcast, Spotlight, Well-being | No Comments
In episode 13 of IBX: The Cover Story, I invite three special guests to discuss Alzheimer’s from the perspective of personal experiences, clinical care, and facility management. My guests are Dr.…

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