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A Summer of Learning: The Value of a Good Internship

By September 4, 2019March 25th, 2022Well-being
Darren Laws volunteering at a Blue Crew event.

Darren Laws, volunteering with the Blue Crew.

As a college student nearing graduation, I know the value of a good internship. That’s why I appreciate the time I’ve spent at Independence Blue Cross. It has helped me network, gain real professional experience, acquire new skills, and learn from others — all of which will help make me more marketable when I graduate.

This year marked my third consecutive year participating in the Independence Blue Cross college internship program, and once again, I learned so much in just ten weeks!

A New Twist

Unlike previous summers, where I supported one department, this summer I was assigned to work with both the Community Affairs team, which manages associate giving and the Blue Crew volunteer program, and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation.

For Community Affairs, my main project was to compile historical data on the Blue Crew’s volunteer impact from 2009 to 2015. For the Foundation, I was focused on collecting data from their Blue Safety Net program, which provides grants to non-profit, privately funded community health centers that provide free or affordable care to our local communities.

Managing Your Time is Key

At first, I found it a bit challenging to support both areas. But this pushed me to improve my time management skills, something that is very useful in everyday life and in the workplace.

One strategy I used to manage my time was to set a schedule for the work I was doing for both teams. Whether it was 30 minutes or two hours, I would block out time for each project and commit to that schedule. This allowed me to give proper attention to both areas and meet my deadlines.

As I head back to school, I plan to continue using this strategy to manage my time more effectively. While I can’t change the number of hours in a day, I can improve my ability to get things done.

Real Connections

Interning at Independence Blue Cross has also helped me build my professional network. During the past three summers, I have made many meaningful connections with other interns, associates, and even executives.

I have learned so much from everyone I’ve met during my time here. Even though I am going back to school, I hope to maintain these connections going forward.

A Job With Heart

Most importantly, my summer here helped me gain perspective and appreciation for our volunteer engagement efforts. As I compiled data for the Community Affairs team on the Blue Crew, I was pleasantly surprised to see the dramatic increase in Blue Crew events, volunteers, and volunteer hours from year to year. I was humbled to see the time and effort that some associates give to volunteering through the Blue Crew.

It made me feel proud to work for a company, and alongside associates, so passionate about helping those in need and making our community a better place. And the best part is that the Blue Crew’s impact on the community continues to grow!

A Great Experience

While this was a busy summer, it was a great experience. I enjoyed the energy and support that everyone on both teams gave me throughout the ten weeks. It also felt good to see my own progress throughout the summer. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope to be back next year for another summer of learning.


Darren Laws

Darren interned at Independence Blue Cross through the summer 2019 College Intern Program. This was Darren’s third summer with Independence Blue Cross supporting the administration and communications of both Community Affairs and the IBC Foundation. Darren is a rising junior at Widener University with a major in Marketing. He is heavily involved with many student organizations and activities, and serves as president of Widener’s Black Men United. Darren plays alto saxophone and is involved in four music programs. Darren’s long-term goal is to attend law school to become an entertainment lawyer and be involved in real estate.