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Better Health Is Just A Phone Call Away

By October 23, 2015August 23rd, 2021Well-being

Nowadays, people have a coach for every area of their lives. Financial planner, career mentor, personal trainer, life coach, etc. But what about your health? Sure, you visit your primary care provider for the occasional check-up or cold, but what about someone who sees your whole health and wellness picture? Someone who knows your chronic conditions, what prescriptions you take, and your recent surgeries? Someone who can help you get on the road to good health and check in on your progress?

Are you looking for this type of support? A heath coach may be the answer for you.

What Is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a registered nurse who can see your full health picture and can provide advice and guidance when you have health questions and concerns.

Independence Blue Cross Health Coaches

Independence Blue Cross* has over 128 registered nurse Health Coaches who can provide resources, and information to help you understand and manage your health. They can also help you manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Conveniently, our Health Coaches are just a phone call away and are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To speak with a Health Coach, call 1-800-ASK-BLUE (1-800-275-2583).

If you are interested in better managing your personal health, then check out these other health care management programs that Independence Blue Cross offers.

*Health coaching is available at no cost to most Independence Blue Cross members. Please refer to your member materials for the terms, limitations, and exclusions of your health care coverage, or call Customer Service at the number on the back of your member ID card to find out if you are eligible.


Richard Snyder, M.D.

Richard Snyder, M.D., is the executive vice president of Facilitated Health Networks at Independence Health Group (Independence). He leads the strategic direction of work Independence does to redefine care delivery and promote equitable, whole-person health. This includes the company’s strategic work with physicians and health systems, as well as innovative provider contracts to drive improvements in health care quality and costs for Independence’s members.