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Blue Crew Volunteer Close-Up: Matthew White

By October 5, 2016January 14th, 2021Community Volunteerism
Blue Crew volunteer Matthew White pictured with his children after volunteering.

Blue Crew Volunteer Matthew White is pictured with his children at the Medal of Honor Grove clean-up.

Meet Blue Crew Volunteer Matthew White

Matthew White, Senior business systems analyst
Years at Independence Blue Cross: 3

How did you become a Blue Crew volunteer?

In 2014, I helped out with a United Way Day of Caring project. I also learned that the Blue Crew supports personal volunteer efforts in addition to opportunities sponsored by Independence.

What organizations and/or service projects do you support with the Blue Crew?

I volunteer as a Special Olympics basketball referee, as a volunteer coordinator for fundraising at my son’s high school, and at one of the horse shows at the Devon Show Grounds. I recently started helping out with Philly Reads with the Blue Crew right at the Independence headquarters.

How do you think the Blue Crew impacts the corporate culture at Independence?

We are in the business of making other people’s lives better… the Blue Crew gives us an opportunity to have a direct impact on the community. Ronald McDonald House, St. John’s Hospice, Project HOME, Philly Reads — they are all chances for [associates] to work together and help people directly.

What motivates you to donate so many volunteer hours?

About ten years ago, a friend invited me to go down to help with the rebuilding effort in New Orleans after [Hurricane] Katrina. While I was there, I learned that many organizations have the money and materials they need to accomplish their goals. What they often need is people with skills to turn those resources into outcomes. Now, I look around for problems that I have the specific skills to solve. When I see one, I try to help out, because in my past I’ve benefited from the kindness of people who chose to do what they could for a complete stranger.

Is there a particular volunteer project or achievement you are most proud of?

Katrina. Little sleep. Installing copper plumbing for 16 hours a day. Mosquitoes. The heat and humidity that is New Orleans. Wearing out two pairs of jeans. I’d go back tomorrow.

When you aren’t at work or volunteering, how do you like to spend your free time?

Reffing basketball. I’ll ref any ten people anywhere, anytime. My whistle is always in my pocket.

Our Independence Blue Cross (Independence) Corporate Volunteer Program — the Blue Crew — celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2016. Collectively, our Blue Crew volunteers donated more than 7,900 community service hours in 2015. In this series, we’re profiling our Blue Crew volunteers with the most individual service hours. Know an organization or a local event that could use some enthusiastic volunteers? Contact the Blue Crew.

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