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Broad Street Beats 2020: Dancing Through the Decades

By March 31, 2020December 31st, 2020Events/Sponsorships Well-being Wellness
A young runner adjusts the phone strapped to her arm

Last year, we released our first Blue Cross Broad Street Run Beats playlist compiled by the running community. We loved your responses so much, we decided to ask you again.

What songs push you forward and keep you going? 

The energizing, feel-good playlist we put together based on your responses will get your feet moving and your heart pumping!

From the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” (1966) to Pink’s “Hustle” (2019), we found that you rock your runs to music across all genres and generations. You even jam to theme songs! Hey, no judgment here!

Eminem seemed to be the most common answer with hits like “Lose Yourself” and “Til I Collapse.” Lady Gaga also entered the mix with some pop hits like, “Applause” and “Just Dance.” But many of you can’t run without Freddy Mercury’s voice blasting through your ears with “We Will Rock You,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “Under Pressure.”

Enjoy the seventh installment of the Broad Street Beats. We hope it inspires you and keeps you motivated throughout your training.

Do you want even more songs to pump up your run? Check out our past playlists.


Ashley Weyler

I’m a writer and a film, music, and TV buff who loves Philadelphia sports. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, which means I’m always on-the-go. I try to make healthy decisions that fit with my lifestyle; whether it’s choosing healthy food while eating at a restaurant, finding exercises I enjoy doing so I stay motivated, or achieving a good work-life balance.