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Meet Dominica Leisey, 2020 Celebrate Caring Honoree

By July 17, 2020June 3rd, 2021Celebrate Caring Community

Now more than ever, Independence Blue Cross recognizes the invaluable role that nurses play in caring for our families and communities. To show our appreciation, we are honoring outstanding nurses in our region through the second annual Celebrate Caring campaign. As part of the campaign, we’re highlighting how our winners and honorees are making a difference in the community through compassion and superior care.

In her role as the Manager of Emergency and Observation Services at Holy Redeemer Hospital, Dominica Leisey is responsible for ensuring that the hospital’s nurses have the resources, education, and support to provide safe and excellent care to patients.

It’s a role that she thrives in.

“Dominica is engaged and committed to her staff,” said Monica Costello, a nurse at Holy Redeemer and the person who nominated Dominica for Celebrate Caring. “She regularly works with her staff in a clinical capacity and is always eager to share her experience and skill set with coworkers in an effort to enhance patient care and safety.”

Going Above and Beyond

Dominica’s strong leadership became even more evident when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She went above and beyond to ensure the safety of her nurses and patients and ease their anxiety during these uncertain times.

“At the onset of concerns regarding COVID-19, Dominica recognized that staff and patient safety were of the utmost priority,” said Monica. “She has been dedicated to providing staff with accurate information, appropriate personal protective equipment, and education. Dominica has also recognized the emotional needs of her staff during these trying times, offering mental health assistance to those experiencing undue stress.”

Teamwork is Key

While Dominica’s actions are key to managing the pandemic at Holy Redeemer, Dominica credits the team of nurses there for working together to combat the virus.

“There’s a saying: Nurses are the heart of health care. There is no truer statement during this unprecedented time,” said Dominica. “When the pandemic started there was so much emotion, fear, and uncertainty. Despite what our nurses were hearing, they remained focused, compassionate, and patient-centered. Our nurses are the constant, the 24/7 physical and emotional presence to our patients. In a pandemic, that would not change.”

Commitment to Care

Now more than ever, nurses face unprecedented challenges as they battle COVID-19 on the front lines. Yet, Dominica remains steadfast in her commitment to the profession she loves.

“It’s an honor to be a nurse,” she said. “This is a labor intensive, mentally challenging, emotionally impacting, and forever rewarding, sometimes defeating, always essential, most beautiful profession in the world. To fully understand it, you have to live it. It’s not a job, it’s who we are.”


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