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Coach Marcy’s 10 Tips For Conquering the Blue Cross Broad Street Run

By March 23, 2015May 18th, 2023Well-being

Ten miles. One street. It’s time to start training! Even if it’s not your first time running the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, the thought of running ten miles can be daunting. Fear not — we have just what you need to get started and stay motivated in the weeks leading up to the big race.

Coach Marcy Gialdo is a triathlon and endurance sport coach with experience in training runners of all skill levels. She is currently training the winner of our “Fearless Is…” sweepstakes to attain her personal best in the BCBSR. And Coach Marcy has tips that can help you too!

  • Set a schedule.
    Workouts are more likely to happen when you set and establish a routine. It also takes the guesswork out of figuring out when you will get to run.
  • Enroll friends and family.
    Tell people you’re training for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and you’ll find support and accountability. You also might inspire someone to run with you — even if it’s just for part of your training.
  • Follow the 10% rule.
    Only increase your mileage by 10% each week to ensure that you don’t build up too fast. Too much, too soon, or too fast can be a recipe for injury.
  • Take recovery time.
    Take one week a month to reduce your running and allow your body to recover from all your hard work. Keep your schedule going, but reduce your distances and focus on rest and recovery before getting back at it the next week.
  • Mix up your run.
    Use mid-week runs for shorter distances and to practice speed or pacing, and reserve weekends for practicing longer distances. When you do your long run each week, don’t worry about pace — your focus is running longer, not faster.
  • Buy a new pair of sneakers at a running store.
    Even if you are a seasoned runner, it’s good to have someone watch you stand, walk, and run, to give you the best sense of what kind of running shoes would be right for you. Trust me — the right pair of shoes makes all the difference!
  • Run with a group.
    The thought of joining an established running group may be intimidating, particularly if you are new to running. You might be surprised by how welcoming the group is and how many people of all different paces there are. There are many groups in the area so you can try different ones until you find the right fit for you.
  • Buy a foam roller and use it to help loosen up tight muscles regularly.
    It might be the best investment (behind a good pair of shoes) you can make!
  • Practice safety.
    Run on well-lit roads and paths, and wear reflective gear if it’s low light. Running with a friend or a group is not only fun but also a safer way to run.
  • Focus on May!
    The excitement of getting in through the lottery will fade over time and race day won’t be here for a few months. Just remember your goal for the race and keep it in mind over the weeks ahead. Nothing can keep you motivated to get out there and train like envisioning yourself at the Navy Yard having completed the Blue Cross Broad Street Run!

Be sure to speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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