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Employee Assistance Programs and Resilience Training

By July 8, 2016August 23rd, 2021Health Insurance

Employee Assistance Programs: Helping employees bounce back from work or life challenges

Lately, a lot of attention has been paid to helping employees manage day-to-day stress in the workplace. From 5-minute meditations to desk yoga there is no lack of helpful resources when it comes to quick stress-reducing techniques. But what happens when serious issues arise that require more than deep breathing exercises or a seated mountain pose? How can an employee successfully manage and bounce back from significant work or life challenges, while staying strong and productive?

In a word, it’s called resilience. And it speaks to a person’s ability to handle challenges and changes, to adapt to problems, and to turn difficult experiences into opportunities for improvement.

Resilience can be learned, and your Employee Assistance Program is a good place to start

All employees are resilient to one degree or another, but they can learn to be even more so by building their resilience skills.

Some Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have self-guided resilience resources available that can help employees:

  • Identify their stress triggers
  • Develop positive responses to stress
  • Identify lasting internal motivators
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits

Additionally, Employee Assistance Programs provide counselors that may also be able to provide guidance and direction to help employees build those skills.

This framework of healthy skills, habits, and attitudes can help employees improve how they approach and manage life’s challenges and setbacks. In addition, creating a culture of resilience has the potential to reduce stress, increase employees’ well-being, and improve productivity.

Learn more about the resilience resources available through Independence’s Employee Assistance Program, Personal Life ManagementSM, provided by Integrated Behavioral Health.


Jackie Diamond

Jackie Diamond serves as the EAP Product Manager and manages marketing communications for Independence’s Specialty Services products, such as dental, vision, travel and voluntary workplace benefits. She has almost 25 years of experience in marketing, developing and managing healthcare products and programs that bring value to consumers and employers.