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Facing the Other Side of Fear: The Future

By October 24, 2016January 14th, 2021Well-being

Recently a friend of mine invited me to an event: The Dance on the Falls Bridge. She had one spare ticket available, and was offering it at half price.

My initial response was, “Oh, cool! I’ve never danced on a bridge with a band and people all dressed up with aerial artists swinging from the struts at the top of the bridge. Yes!”

But then I started to backpedal. “Wait,” I thought. “What will I wear? Where will I park? What if I don’t want to stay until 11:00 p.m.? I don’t want to dance with a purse; where will I carry my cell phone? Will it be weird? I’ll be all alone.”

That’s fear. I may not have been contemplating bungee jumping off the bridge, but I was uncomfortable thinking about taking a risk and walking into the unknown.

We all experience these kinds of reservations when presented with invitations, activities, and experiences that are outside of our comfort zone. But this is exactly when we should choose to do the new; to face our fear of the unknown, no matter how small. Because that’s where the surprise is. That’s where adventures lie. When you think about just about anything amazing that’s ever happened to you in life, it probably happened in that space and time when you took a risk, pushed through fear, and just went for it.

That’s why I believe so strongly in the #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes and everything it stands for. Life shouldn’t be put on hold because of fear. You shouldn’t let fear hold you back. With a little help and a great attitude, there is such possibility before you!

What I learned from doing a year of firsts is that each experience rewards you with new energy, possibilities, openings, and connections. I learned that it’s worth it to push through every excuse.

The saying goes, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” The new job, going back to school, writing a book, speaking in front of an audience, flying, or whatever it is that you want to achieve can feel more doable when you get in the habit of choosing to try something new. The person you really want to be and the life you really want to live is revealed as you learn to dance on the edge of your comfort zone as often as possible. Or, in my case, on a bridge.

Of course, that’s exactly what I did. I danced on a bridge in the moonlight. I met new interesting, funny, smart people. All fear, all doubt, all excuses floated away reminding me why we must do our best to “Live Fearless.”

Take a moment and enter the #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes for a chance at winning an amazing package of tools and assistance to help you overcome your fear. Or start small at home with an invitation from a friend and share it with the #FearlessFirsts hashtag. No matter how you do it, don’t be afraid to take that first step. Your future is waiting.

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Lu Ann Cahn, Guest Blogger

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of the inspirational memoir I Dare Me, an entertaining look back on a year that changed everything for her. The book grew out of a blog called Year of Firsts, which chronicled this veteran journalist, mother and survivor’s daily adventures as she pushed herself to try something new for every single day – an effort to get her life “unstuck,” as her daughter put it. She went on this year long adventure while working her full time “day job” as an 8-time Emmy award-winning journalist with NBC10 News in Philadelphia. Cahn’s journey eventually led to a major career change. In December 2014, she left her 40 year career in broadcast news to dare audiences across the country and to help launch the next generation of communicators at Temple University. Cahn is now the Director of Career Services for Temple’s School of Media and Communication.