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5 Tips For Overcoming Fears

By September 27, 2016January 14th, 2021Community

Are You Facing Your Fears?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? We often don’t try the very thing we dream of doing because our fears and anxiety get in our way — the fear of failure, humiliation, or imperfection. Even the fear of success can stop us in our tracks.

There is a beautiful quote, from Jack Canfield, that I often remind myself of: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” I believe its true; I’ve experienced it firsthand. Walking through that wall of fear can be terrifying, but emerging on the other side can be exhilarating and liberating. That’s exactly why I’ve joined forces with Independence Blue Cross on the #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes – an amazing opportunity for you to start facing your fears in life and enter to win prizes at the same time!

There are studies that show facing a physical fear can help give you the courage you need to overcome other mental fears, like the fears holding you back from the life and career you want. That’s why a fear of heights, fear of being alone, fear of water or public speaking is worth conquering.

Ready to get started? Here are some tips for facing your fears:

1. Don’t conquer your fears alone.
Perhaps there is someone else who shares the same fear. It helps to have a partner so you can cheer each other on. When a fan of my book dared me to do the flying trapeze with her, we gave each other courage to take that terrifying leap into the air. Encourage your friends to enter the #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes with you so you can all have a chance at winning prizes.

2. Get some exercise.
Research suggests getting fit can help us fight fear and anxiety — we may be less responsive to the stress hormone cortisol when our bodies are in shape. More muscle, less fear? It can’t hurt.

3. Boost your confidence.
Before facing your fears, remember all of the other courageous things you’ve done in your life. How did it feel? How did it propel you forward? Remembering previous acts of courage can help you achieve the next one.

4. Pay attention to a feeling of fear combined with excitement.
For most, dealing with fear comes with a rush of emotions and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. That’s usually a sign this is something you really want to conquer, and that’s exactly what you need to do. Turn that anxiety and excitement into positive feelings and give your first public speech, brave a nearby haunted house or spooky hayride in Philadelphia, go skydiving with friends, run a marathon… You’ve got this!

5. Tell your friends and family you are going to overcome this fear.
Once you put it out in the world it will be much harder to back out. Facing that fear is more likely to become a reality. Want to socialize your upcoming fear-facing challenge? Search the hashtag #FearlessFirsts to see what other fears people are facing and use it in your social media posts for a chance to win prizes in our #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes.

Overcoming Fears: My Fear of Water

The first time I did the Polar Bear Plunge, I told everyone I was going to do it. I knew that when the moment came, I would not be able to back down…even though I really wanted to. I’m so glad I ran into the ocean that freezing January 1. It was the dare that began my year-long adventure of first-time experiences.

Based on my own journey, and the experience of dozens of others who have shared their stories with me, I know that taking risks and facing fears large and small gives you the confidence to go after the big things in life.

Running into the ocean, zip lining, or throwing yourself into the air to try the flying trapeze may seem silly, or irrelevant, but I promise you it’s not. They’re experiences that make you feel alive, get your adrenaline going, and remind you how to tap into the most courageous, powerful you.

For me, facing physical fears led to overcoming fears, which meant going back to school and teaching, experiences that changed the direction of my life. It now gives me great joy to speak, teach, dare, and inspire adults and college students every day and to have the courage to continue to face my own fears. We all have them.

Enter the #FearlessFirsts Sweepstakes

What will overcoming a fear do for you? It’s my hope you’ll enter the #FearlessFirsts sweepstakes for a chance to find out! With four amazing experiences up for grabs — helping the winner overcome their fear of water, heights, public speaking, or a personal fear — there’s a chance we have a package that could help you! Enter today!

If you’re still feeling stuck with your fears after reading this, there’s still time to get unstuck and become fearless!

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Lu Ann Cahn, Guest Blogger

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of the inspirational memoir I Dare Me, an entertaining look back on a year that changed everything for her. The book grew out of a blog called Year of Firsts, which chronicled this veteran journalist, mother and survivor’s daily adventures as she pushed herself to try something new for every single day – an effort to get her life “unstuck,” as her daughter put it. She went on this year long adventure while working her full time “day job” as an 8-time Emmy award-winning journalist with NBC10 News in Philadelphia. Cahn’s journey eventually led to a major career change. In December 2014, she left her 40 year career in broadcast news to dare audiences across the country and to help launch the next generation of communicators at Temple University. Cahn is now the Director of Career Services for Temple’s School of Media and Communication.