Family Health Insurance: Taking Care of Those Who Depend on You

By November 25, 2019January 14th, 2021Health Insurance
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Nothing is more important than protecting your family’s health and well-being — enrolling in family health insurance is one of the most important ways to do just that.

Here are five good reasons to keep your family covered:

1. Health insurance helps keep your family healthy

Health care isn’t just about taking care of illnesses and injuries when they arise. It’s also about staying healthy with preventive health services. That means getting regular checkups, screenings, and vaccinations that you and your family need to prevent or manage certain health problems.

Independence Blue Cross family health insurance plans cover certain preventive health services with no cost-sharing. And if you sign up for IBX Wire® text messages or emails, we’ll send you a reminder if you miss a preventive health service that you need.

2. Kids get sick

Kids are magnets for bumps, bruises, and a mixed bag of illnesses that get passed around daycares and schools. A family health insurance plan makes affordable health care available for them each time they need to see a pediatrician. Even better: Dependents can be covered under the family health insurance plan until they turn 26.

3. So do adults

As we age, we become less likely to fall off our skateboards (well, most of us) and more watchful for symptoms of chronic diseases. At middle age and beyond, preventive care and screenings become important tools for maintaining your health — and with good reason. Certain conditions, such as colon cancer, are preventable (or easier to treat) with early detection. Independence Blue Cross family health insurance plans offer certain preventive care services at no additional cost to you.

Find out which preventive care services you need.

4. It may be more affordable than you think

Depending on where you live, your household income, and the size of your family, you may be eligible for financial help (also known as a “tax credit” or “subsidy”). Our online tax credit calculator will help you see if you may qualify.

5. You’ll get discounts on healthy family fun!

The bigger your family, the more you can appreciate a bargain. Independence Blue Cross members get a ton of value-added discounts, including:

  • Fitness gear and healthy meal ingredients
  • Amusements parks, movies, and sporting events
  • Museums and aquariums
  • Philly-area fun, like the Blue Cross RiverRinkIndego bike share, and local sports team games
  • Free fitness classes, wellness seminars, and cooking demonstrations at Independence LIVE!

If you’re ready, review our family health insurance plans and easily enroll in a plan that works for you. Visit now!


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