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Gearing Up For the Blue Cross Broad Street Run

By February 19, 2015August 24th, 2021Company Culture Events/Sponsorships Well-being

Running on treadmill

Dennis after completing the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon

Dennis after completing the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon

I was curious to find out how some of my fellow Independence Blue Cross (IBX) associates are preparing for this year’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run (BCBSR), so I asked them to share their stories. Runners at IBX are enthusiastic, passionate, and welcoming, and are always eager to share their love of running. Plus, they just seem to love the BCBSR!

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First up is Dennis, a late-comer to the running scene (he took it up at 51).

Dennis M.

Is this your first time running or are you a BCBSR veteran?
This will be my 7th BCBSR.

Have you started training yet? If so, what does your training consist of?
I never stopped running but will be kicking into higher gear in February. My routine is 2 treadmill runs during the week, a 5K, and a 5 mile. When training for a run like BCBSR, I will do an outside Sunday morning run, to build up endurance and miles. I will start the outside runs in February. I have a couple runs before BCBSR, so I am training for those as well.

How do you stay motivated through the winter months?
I go to the Independence Blue Cross Fitness Center. I run on the treadmill, use the elliptical trainer, do ab work, and various weight exercises.

Do you have any goals for this year’s BCBSR?
No. At my age, I don’t expect to get faster, so as long as I finish in the 1:30s, I am happy.

What is your favorite part about running this race?
The BCBSR is just a fun run. The crowds are great and it is very well organized. Running down Broad Street is great — very scenic, very flat. For me, it is also nostalgic. The start is near where I grew up and the run brings me through the neighborhood where both sets of my Irish immigrant grandparents settled when they came over from Ireland in the early 1900s. I dedicate all of my BCBSRs to my grandparents. The BCBSR is why I started running to begin with. I was never a runner, not even as a kid, so my running experience began at 51 years old. I was starting from scratch and had to first get my breathing technique down, then work on building endurance and distances. I ran my first BCBSR in 2009, and I’ve since run a marathon. The BCBSR was where it all began and it is still my favorite of all the runs.

Do you have any advice for first-time runners?
Do the necessary training that includes some outside runs. Increase your carb intake in the couple days leading up to the run. Make sure you eat something before the run, such as a bagel. Hydrate before, during, and after the run. An energy gel or energy beans during the run will help keep you from “hitting the wall”. Lastly, during the run, feed off of the energy of the crowds and just enjoy the experience of running down Broad Street.

This year’s BCBSR takes place on Sunday, May 3, 2015.

Sarah Bishop

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