IVets: Supporting Veterans’ Transition into the Business World

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When I left the Marine Corps and returned to a career at Independence Blue Cross back in 1998, I struggled a lot more than I thought I would. I felt very alone as I tried to transition back in to the business world. Independence’s IVets veterans’ group hadn’t yet been founded, but if it had, I would have certainly had a much easier experience, given the type of support they provide.

Be Proud of your Service

One of the reasons I felt alone is that I didn’t know who the other veterans were around me. When you transition back to civilian life, you want to make sure that you’re connecting with other veterans who understand your experience. Being a Marine, it’s never been difficult to clearly represent this to others. However, there are still quite a few of us (Marines included) who are hesitant to share because of the negative stigma that surrounds us.

There are programs that can help with these invisible wounds, and at Independence Blue Cross, IVets can guide you to get the help you need. The bottom line is that Independence is a place where you can be proud of your service, and IVets champions that message better than anyone.

Get Support from Fellow Veterans

There are a lot more veterans working at Independence than I expected. Without a group like IVets, I doubt I would ever know. IVets let you connect with other veterans who are back in the workforce and get support during a transition that can sometimes be very difficult. Many of the members have already transitioned, and can help you do the same. Perhaps one day you will get the opportunity to return the favor.

Join Our Next Philadelphia Veteran Recruitment Event

Independence understands what veterans bring to the table, and we want you to join us. Check our jobs portal for open positions and upcoming veterans recruitment events.


Owen McGuire

About Owen McGuire

Owen McGuire is a resident of Delaware County in Holmes, and is a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He has almost 20 years of operational experience, and is currently the Director of Operations and Support for Government Markets at Independence Blue Cross. Owen is a member of Leadership Philadelphia, and he holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Peirce College.


  • Avatar melanie says:

    Thanks for representing the IVets by sharing your story!

  • Avatar Kyran Keating says:

    Thank you Owen for your service to our country. You are a blessing to so many.

  • Avatar evelyn vasquez says:

    You are an inspiration and I am proud to call you my friend. Great article and special THANKS for your service to our country. God Bless.

  • Avatar Mattie Johnson says:

    Thank you, Owen, for sharing and expressing the thoughts of many veterans.