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Making Our IBX Headquarters Greener Than Ever

An aerial photo of the IBX headquarters building at 1901 Market Street

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) these days, both good and bad. But right now, I consider AI to be a very good thing.

AI has helped make our Independence Blue Cross (IBX) headquarters, located at 1901 Market Street in Philadelphia, much more energy efficient. In fact, we expect to save 10 to 13.7 percent per year on electricity costs over the next 15 – 20 years!

IBX has always made energy efficiency a priority. We maintained an ENERGY STAR® certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for five years. And we’re looking for ways to use even less energy…because it’s better for the planet and helps lower our operating expenses.

Our latest solution? Working with the Tech Impact Group, we became the first commercial building in the United States to implement the SENERQON scientific energy optimization system. It uses AI simulations and scientific algorithms to identify inefficiencies and then presents targeted, customized solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Designing an Optimal Building Environment

The SENERQON team took real-time measurements at our building and reproduced them in their lab to determine where power and thermal-electrical losses occurred. Next, they designed and installed custom interventions to help prevent these losses. Despite COVID-19, including supply chain issues and delays, this project was completed in the summer of 2023.

Through thermal cooling, the SENERQON system is optimizing the power usage at our IBX headquarters. That places less stress on existing building equipment, which extends its life and lowers our maintenance expenses.

As IBX looks toward the future, it’s rewarding to know that we’ve taken steps to ensure the building’s longevity while minimizing our carbon footprint. I consider it another huge milestone in our ongoing efforts to champion sustainable practices.

John Kalina

John Kalina is the Vice President of Administrative Services at Independence Blue Cross (IBX) where he oversees several teams, including Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Real Estate and Facilities, Accounts Payable and Disbursements, Cash App and Security. John has been with IBX for 12 years and is a co-chair for the 2023 and 2024 Blue Crew Gives fundraising and volunteer campaigns. Outside of IBX John and his wife have raised two college age boys and enjoys spending time golfing and fishing at the shore.