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What It Means to Live Fearless

By April 11, 2014February 17th, 2020Health Insurance Well-being

Chances are you’ve seen him on one of our billboards or in Suburban Station — red cape, oversized yellow goggles, serious little face. He’s ready to take on the world, and nobody can stop him.

That’s what Live Fearless is all about. It’s a call to throw out the “what ifs” and worries and embrace life with the same unshakeable optimism you had as a child.

Health insurance has an emotional resonance that few other products can match. When you think about health insurance, you aren’t thinking about buying a product, you’re worried about having stability and security for yourself and your family.

Live Fearless is an answer to these very real concerns. There’s peace of mind in knowing you’re covered by a health insurance plan you can rely on…and that you don’t have to tiptoe through life wrapped in bubble wrap. We felt like the Live Fearless campaign captured that feeling in a very real way that would speak to people.

Live Fearless is showing up in your pictures on social media and we’ve gotten a positive response to our television commercials. People are even sharing their own Live Fearless moments.

Oh hey Philly ? #LIVEFEARLESS #beindependent

A photo posted by Marcus King (@mrhardlyhome) on

When the Affordable Care Act passed, a lot of people were confused about what it might mean for them and how health care coverage would change. As a health insurance company with more than 75 years serving the people of our area, we feel like Independence Blue Cross (IBX) has an important role to play in helping people understand their health care options and leading the way for the health and wellness of our region and the nation.

IBX is uniquely positioned to provide insurance coverage that lets you focus on living the life you want to live and doing the things that matter to you and your family.

Having quality health care coverage helps you feel free to live your life without worrying what tomorrow will bring. That’s something that resonates with everyone — including more than 110,000 new individual members who’ve joined the IBX family so far.

Getting the word out is important, and it takes a strong message. That’s why we joined with 15 other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans that are using the Live Fearless campaign. The message of security is universal, and the spirit of the campaign is a perfect fit for
our area

More than a few people have pointed out that the correct grammar would be “Live Fearlessly.” And, believe me, we hear you. Before rolling this out, we did plenty of legwork and asking around — all to confirm that the Live Fearless tagline really connects with people. It’s worth remembering that, in advertising, the rules of grammar and punctuation are sometimes bent (or broken) to better capture a feeling or idea. “Fearless” isn’t an adverb, it’s a state of mind. In any case, I hope the feeling and the idea ring true, even without the ly.

I’m excited to see where Live Fearless will take us next. And, I can’t wait to hear more about what Live Fearless means to you. We’re working on a new batch of Live Fearless materials now. So, look for our billboards, television spots, ads, and social media this fall. Until then — Live Fearless!


John McClung

John McClung is vice president of advertising and creative services for Independence Blue Cross (Independence). In this role, he oversees all corporate advertising and brand management, having direct accountability for creative execution, budget management, and strategic alignment with sales and marketing goals. McClung also manages relationships with the company’s external advertising and communication agencies, along with advertising partners in the community, including Philadelphia’s professional and college sports teams. McClung joined Independence as a copywriter in 1988. Since then, he has established and expanded a creative services team who support the creative aspects of all internal and external communications efforts, including marketing, wellness, health management, and public relations for Independence Blue Cross and its subsidiaries. In addition, his team plays a leading role in the promotion of key company events, such as the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, the largest 10-mile race in the country. Prior to joining Independence, McClung was a freelance copywriter and journalist. McClung serves on the allocations board for the United Way of Southern Chester County and is the co-founder, current board member, and soccer coach with the White Clay Soccer Club. McClung has degrees in English and French from Villanova University and a master’s degree in publication management from Drexel University.