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Considering Medicare Advantage? Get the Facts

By October 24, 2018December 31st, 2020Health Insurance Medicare
A doctor talking to an older adult about her Medicare Plan

You might have heard Medicare Advantage plans discussed as an alternative to “original” Medicare, but did you know that these plans have been around, in some form, since the very beginning of Medicare?

Medicare Advantage plans are part of a program that allows private insurers to provide Medicare benefits to enrollees on behalf of the federal Medicare program. They are a proven way to make sure beneficiaries receive high-quality benefits and have the power to make choices about their health insurance. If you’re considering a Medicare Advantage plan, consider the facts.

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Peace of Mind

Like lots of health plans, Original Medicare includes copays, coinsurance, and deductibles — and sometimes they can be hefty. Medicare Advantage plans can cover part of those costs, meaning that you’ll often pay less for your care.

And they can’t charge more than Original Medicare does for certain core services, like chemotherapy or dialysis, so you don’t have to worry about big expenses when you need care the most.

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Choice

As a Medicare beneficiary, you have priorities. Maybe you’re living on a fixed income and need to keep costs down. Maybe you love your specialists and don’t want to change doctors. Maybe you travel often and need coverage that travels with you.

Today, Medicare-eligible Americans can choose from an average of 18 Medicare Advantage plans.Each plan has its own special perks, like a $0 monthly premium, the freedom to choose an out-of-network doctor, or benefits for domestic and international travelers. The right plan for you is out there!

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Rich Benefits

With so many plans on the market, insurers are eager to entice you. Some plans that used to require referrals have waived them to make it easier for you to access care. Others offer more than what Medicare requires, covering chiropractic care or providing deep discounts on hearing aids. A Medicare Advantage plan might be the best option to get you the care you need.

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Local Expertise

Finally, if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan from a regional carrier like Independence Blue Cross, you can trust that we’ll have your back. We know the Philadelphia five-county area. We have relationships with local hospitals. We even make it possible for you to come visit us at Independence LIVE, at 1919 Market Street.

Stop by and talk to a sales representative about Independence Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans, because whether you’re enrolling in Medicare for the first time or considering switching plans, now is a great time to look at your Medicare Advantage options.


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Bob McFillin

Bob McFillin is the Director of Medicare Broker Sales, Field Sales, Group Medicare Sales and Medicare Private Exchanges for Independence Blue Cross (Independence). He has held many senior-level positions cultivating, developing, managing, and leading profitable sales programs for the past 13 years. In his current role, Bob and his team forge new opportunities each day within the Independence five-county southeastern PA area.