Exercise Tips for Busy Parents

Parents don’t have much left in the tank at the end of the day for “me” time. Luckily, there’s a way to help keep your mind sharp and focused. Studies show that routine exercise keeps your brain happier, more creative, and sharper.

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exercise tips for busy parents

5 Tips to Help You Foster Innovation Every Day

For us, innovation means thinking differently, exhibiting creative behaviors, and continually doing things in new ways to create positive change. So exactly how can we be innovative in our everyday work?

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Tips to get creative ideas flowing

Blue Crew Volunteer Leaders: Eric Inge


Blue Crew Advisory Board member Eric Ingue believes we have a responsibility to help those who aren’t as fortunate, and one of the best ways to stay grounded is to volunteer.

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Blue Crew volunteer
Improving family nutrition
Sausages fried in butter. Sugar-coated cereal. Strawberry milk. Sometimes a toaster pastry. That was the breakfast that many of us in my generation routinely had each morning, and no one gave it a second thought. And if you did, you were probably in the minority; a “health nut.”

Superfoods: How can anyone stand this stuff?

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Volunteering in Philadelphia
Lorina Marshall-Blake and other Blue Crew volunteers helped young ladies at the Cozen PAL Prom Boutique choose the perfect dress and accessories to wear to their big dance. Through volunteering, I have been able to help so many nonprofit organizations that are doing so much good. If you believe in the mission of the organization and the work you are doing,…
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The Independence Blue Cross innovation team teaches workshop participants our human-centered approach to problem solving to help them tackle their unique business challenges. Do you have a business challenge that keeps you up at night? Could you use some help with creative problem solving? Don’t fear — the Independence Blue Cross innovation team is here!…
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Loneliness and aging can lead to depression in seniors.
I read an article recently announcing that May is National Mental Health Month, and it reminded me of my days in medical practice. Dealing with geriatric mental health issues is among the most complex challenges in caring for the elderly. This year’s theme, Risky Business – Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll, is intended to educate the public on habits and behaviors that may increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illness or be signs of mental health problems in and of themselves….
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Women Preventive Health
If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll be familiar with the flight attendants’ instructions to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help others. Now think about this as it applies to your health. As a mom of two kids, I know it often seems impossible to take care of myself when I’m busy making their needs my first priority….
Post-race recovery tips
A BCBSR finisher gets a well-deserved post-race massage at the end of the course. I ran my first Blue Cross Broad Street Run® (BCBSR) in 2010, the second hottest race in its history. Race day was anticipated to be in the 80s, so I spent the previous day drinking gallons of water….
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Blue Crew Volunteer Sarah Villamayor
Sarah Villamayor (left) and her fellow Blue Crew advisory board member, Helen Furlow, happily share their time and talents with many local non-profit organizations. Sarah Villamayor, Management & Leadership Development Specialist Years on the Blue Crew Advisory Board: 4 Volunteering is contagious. Sarah Villamayor says once you start, you’ll want to do it again and again….
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Philadelphia arts and business
Philadelphia is home to a thriving arts scene and world-class local businesses. Working together, the arts and business communities can create something vibrant, innovative, and uniquely Philly. That’s where the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia comes in. The council was created to support arts organizations by sharing skills from the business world. Now, new initiatives are reversing these roles,…
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Blue Crew Volunteer Leaders: Veronica Serrano
From left to right: Daisy Fontanez, Yasseline Diaz, Veronica Serrano-Herbin, and Juan Lopez, members of the Latinos con Proposito leadership team. Veronica Serrano-Herbin was shy at first. She only started volunteering with the Blue Crew when her best friend, Yasseline Diaz, started working at Independence. “It was a fun way for us to do things together,” Serrano-Herbin said….

Why Get Your Child Vaccinated?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 by
Child vaccination
When considering what we can do to keep our families healthy, few things match the effectiveness of vaccination. In fact, the benefits and safety of vaccines have never been clearer. However, some parents have reservations about taking children for their shots, which leaves our most vulnerable at risk. To clear things up, we asked IBX Medical Director Dr….
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