Exercise Tips for Busy Parents

Parents don’t have much left in the tank at the end of the day for “me” time. Luckily, there’s a way to help keep your mind sharp and focused. Studies show that routine exercise keeps your brain happier, more creative, and sharper.

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exercise tips for busy parents

5 Tips to Help You Foster Innovation Every Day

For us, innovation means thinking differently, exhibiting creative behaviors, and continually doing things in new ways to create positive change. So exactly how can we be innovative in our everyday work?

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Tips to get creative ideas flowing

Blue Crew Volunteer Leaders: Eric Inge


Blue Crew Advisory Board member Eric Ingue believes we have a responsibility to help those who aren’t as fortunate, and one of the best ways to stay grounded is to volunteer.

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Blue Crew volunteer

Get Ready, Get Set … Rest

Friday, 03 February 2012 by
A year ago, the ground was covered in snow (lots of snow). Temperatures in January and February dipped into the single digits. I vividly remember the bitter cold; how I layered running tights, Dri-FIT apparel, and two pairs of gloves; how the water and Gatorade I carried with me to stay hydrated froze; how I begged my running friends to join me on various legs of my longest runs (they did);…
Berry Heart
Last year I was a lump, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I hadn’t always been that way. I used to travel everywhere by foot, nearly every day. My round-trip walk to work was six miles, plus on-foot journeys to see friends and buy groceries. I always had energy, and I assumed I was in good shape….

Shimmying my way to a new body

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 by
Mysterious. Sensual. Seductive. No, I am not talking about the latest Desperate Housewives episode. I’m talking about belly dancing. This surprisingly underrated form of dance and movement is not as easy as you may think On a rainy night in January, I trekked back into the city from my Delaware County home to try Belly Dance I at Studio 1831 with locally renowned belly dance performer Valarina,…

Work out where you work

Friday, 20 January 2012 by
It’s simple but true: adopting better habits at work can go a long way to improving your overall health. Fujirebio Diagnostics, a company specializing in health diagnostic tools, took that lesson to heart when they implemented a health and wellness program for their employees. Their goal, according to Lynne Woodside, a human resources representative at Fujirebio Diagnostics,…

Practice makes perfect

Friday, 13 January 2012 by
Do you remember your teacher giving you what seemed like tons of homework, because “practice makes perfect?” Well, those three words have become my healthy living mantra. I am now eleven months into my healthy living plan and, needless to say, I’ve had a few fumbles along the way. However, I have managed to find a routine that works for me….
Worksite Wellness is not only an idea that works for Fortune 500 companies. At Drexel University in Philadelphia, their wellness program, A Healthier U, appeals to the university’s diverse faculty, staff, and students. Victor Tringali, director of University Wellness, said that A Healthier U was “the perfect opportunity to affect 30,000-plus people to improve their health.” A Healthier U offers a holistic approach,…