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Protecting Your Employees’ Financial Wellness Is an Essential Workplace Benefit

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When employees are stressed financially, their health and productivity can both suffer. In fact, 59 percent of employees say they don’t have control over their debt, likely contributing to reduced feelings of financial wellness.

It’s no longer enough to just help employees save for retirement. Today’s employees are looking to their employers for help with everyday financial decisions — and it’s a lot more than retirement savings they want help with. It’s a little bit of everything, including managing health care costs, managing debt more effectively, using budgeting and saving techniques, and even balancing competing financial goals.

Thankfully, you can ease some of your employees financial stress by including financial wellness as part of your benefits program. At Independence, we are always looking to add value to your benefits package by offering innovative products and services that address your employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being. This includes tools like the Care Cost Estimator or Achieve Well-being financial learning modules, and benefits like GradFin or The College Tuition Benefit.

Learn more about how Independence Blue Cross can help with your employees’ financial wellness.

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