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Rescue Your Recipe: Easy Ingredient Swaps

By April 28, 2020October 21st, 2020Nutrition Well-being
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Now that I’m spending most of my time at home, I am cooking more than usual. This gives me the perfect opportunity to try out all those recipes that I’ve been saving on my computer.

While I’ve been able to create quite a few culinary masterpieces, I’ve also had a couple recipes almost derailed by one missing ingredient. Unfortunately, a quick trip to the grocery store for one item just isn’t feasible these days. So, I’ve had to improvise with ingredients that I do have on hand.

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve found plenty of substitutions for common ingredients (did you know that you can substitute water for chicken broth?). The best part: you may not even taste the difference.

Swap It Out

If you find yourself in the kitchen and discover that you’re missing an ingredient, don’t fret. Most likely, there’s an easy swap available (trust me, I know!). Here’s a list of simple substitutions for common kitchen ingredients.

If your recipe calls for: You may substitute with this:
Brown sugar, one cup One cup granulated sugar
Butter, one cup Oil, 7/8 cup
Buttermilk, one cup Yogurt, one cup
Egg, one large Unsweetened applesauce, 1/4 cup
Ketchup, one cup One cup tomato sauce, one teaspoon vinegar, and one tablespoon sugar
Lemon, one teaspoon juice Vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon
Mayonnaise, one cup Plain yogurt, one cup
White sugar, one teaspoon Honey, 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon
Wine, one cup 13 tablespoons water, three tablespoons lemon juice, and one tablespoon sugar
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Healthy Swaps

I’ve learned some swaps are not only convenient, but they’re also good for you. Here are a few swaps that will make your recipes healthier:

Instead of this: Try using this:
Breadcrumbs, one cup Rolled oats or crushed bran cereal, one cup
Butter in baked goods Applesauce, half of the called-for butter amount
Salt Spices
Sour cream, one cup Plain yogurt, one cup
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Learn More About Healthy Eating

Want to learn ways to make all your meals healthier? If you’re an IBX member, you may be covered for six free annual visits with a registered dietitian. Check to see if your plan covers nutrition counseling. Need to find a participating registered dietitian, primary care provider, or another network provider? Independence Blue Cross members can search our Provider Finder Tool or call 1-800-ASK-BLUE (1-800-275-2583) (TTY: 711).


Veronica Serrano

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