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3 Things You Need to Know About $0 Premium Medicare Advantage Plans

By June 4, 2018October 12th, 2021Health Insurance Medicare Member Resources

Would you believe it’s possible to get all your health care coverage through an Independence Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan and not pay a monthly premium? Well, you can, and I want to give you the full scoop on how you can get quality coverage with no monthly premium.

The Truth Behind $0 Premium Plans

Medicare Advantage plans (known as Part C plans) combine your Original Medicare Part A and B benefits into one plan. It provides you access to a network of doctors and hospitals, and may include additional benefits like Part D prescription drugs, a gym membership, vision, dental, and hearing aid coverage. For you this means that a private insurer, like Independence Blue Cross, pays for all of the Medicare covered services received in-network, provides you additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare, and reduces any paperwork you may have, such as submitting claims. By enrolling in a Part C plan, you are not disenrolling or forfeiting Original Medicare benefits. Even though you are enrolled in a Part C plan, you are still enrolled in Original Medicare, and you must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

How is a $0 Premium Plan Possible?

When private insurers offer Medicare Advantage plans, the government reimburses the private insurer to deliver and cover the services that Original Medicare would cover within the private insurer’s network. The reimbursement that the private insurers receive is intended to cover the entire plan premium and provide quality coverage plus added benefits not provided by Original Medicare.

Maximize Your Health Plan to Get the Most out of Your $0 Premium

There are a few ways to ensure you get the most out of paying $0 per month:

  • See your doctors regularly.
  • Take advantage of the valuable extras your plan provides. This may include a free gym membership or health and wellness discounts.
  • Use the plan programs like Health Coaches and condition management programs for chronic illnesses and medications.

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Bob McFillin

Bob McFillin is the Director of Medicare Broker Sales, Field Sales, Group Medicare Sales and Medicare Private Exchanges for Independence Blue Cross (Independence). He has held many senior-level positions cultivating, developing, managing, and leading profitable sales programs for the past 13 years. In his current role, Bob and his team forge new opportunities each day within the Independence five-county southeastern PA area.