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5 Ways Health Insurance Can Help You Save Money While Pregnant

By May 29, 2018August 17th, 2021Health Insurance Member Resources
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With so many doctor appointments and tests, you probably already know how important health insurance is when you’re pregnant, let alone after you have your baby. But you may be interested to learn about some of the valuable extras your plan offers, and how your health insurance can help you save money while pregnant. Every health insurance plan varies, but here’s how I saved as an IBX member:

  1. Baby BluePrints® Maternity Program

    As an IBX member, I was eligible for this free maternity program that offers support from a Registered Nurse Health Coach to help me both during and after pregnancy. I could call a Health Coach 24/7 whenever I had questions about strange pregnancy symptoms. I also received emails with helpful tips during each trimester, plus access to coupons for baby supplies. IBX members can enroll by calling 1-800-598-BABY.

  2. Cord blood discount

    If you’re considering having your baby’s umbilical cord blood stored, you’re eligible for a hefty cord blood storage discount through Blue365, plus you can save on a number of other health-related products and services.

  3. Free breast pump

    Here’s another great way to save money while pregnant. As part of the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance plans include coverage for a breast pump and also lactation counseling. I found the process to be incredibly easy. During my third trimester, I was contacted by a breast pump supplier who gave me a list of brand-name pumps to choose from that were either covered in full or partially covered. The pump was delivered to my home just a few days after my son was born and made my life much easier during maternity leave and when I returned to work. Contact your health insurer to find out the dollar amount and types of pumps covered by your plan. Learn more about breast pumps and lactation support in A Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide to Getting Support.

  4. Free nutrition counseling

    I knew eating healthy was especially important during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for both baby and me. I also knew my IBX plan offered six free nutrition counseling visits a year, but still, I kept putting it off. When I developed gestational diabetes, I was required to go and thought it was incredibly helpful. Not only did I learn how to eat better for my particular condition, but I learned healthy eating tips that came in handy once my son arrived and I had little time to feed myself. If you need some advice on that front, read Forgetting to Eat…and Other Nutritional Pitfalls of Parenthood.

  5.  Free flu shot

    I don’t know what the going rate would be if flu shots weren’t fully covered under my plan, but they’re easier than ever to get now. I walked into the nearest in-network pharmacy at lunch time, filled out a short form, and received my shot in a matter of minutes. I paid nothing and didn’t need to worry about filling out any reimbursement forms. Contact your health insurer to find out if flu shots are covered under your plan and where you can get one. Not sure if you should get one? Read 4 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot.

Overall, I saved hundreds of dollars on health products and services during my pregnancy. But even more importantly, I had the support, information, and resources I needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Now if only I could find a way to get my three-year-old son to sleep through the night! Oh wait…maybe my Health Coach will have some tips.

IBX members: If you’re interested in learning more about these money-saving offers to help you save money while pregnant, simply login to or call 1-800-ASK-BLUE. And while these reimbursements and benefits are specific to IBX plans, I’m sure other plans offer some type of discounts or advantages you may not know about.


Susan Rossman

Does writing count as exercise? Then my fingers are in great shape! As a senior copywriter at IBX, I've learned a lot about how health insurance works and how it can help me stay healthy. My goal is to share this knowledge with others in a fun and engaging way.