Does writing count as exercise? Then my fingers are in great shape! As a senior copywriter at IBX, I've learned a lot about how health insurance works and how it can help me stay healthy. My goal is to share this knowledge with others in a fun and engaging way.
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In this video, Independence associates Michael Holmes and Kim-Thao Nguyen share more tips on how you can personalize your own first aid kit. Now that the weather is nice, you and your family are probably out and about more than ever — kicking up sand at the beach, lounging at the pool, hiking, biking,…
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If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll be familiar with the flight attendants’ instructions to put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help others. Now think about this as it applies to your health. As a mom of two kids, I know it often seems impossible to take care of myself when I’m busy making their needs my first priority….
treadmill run
Let’s face it: running on the treadmill can be b-o-r-i-n-g! Whether you run religiously on the treadmill or use it as a place to store laundry, you may find that a good distraction is all you need to pick up the pace (or unbury your machine and get moving). Since I’m starting my training for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run,…

Are You Eating Too Much Sodium?

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 by
Are you eating too much sodium?
If you’re a self-diagnosed sugar addict like me, I have bad news for you. You’re probably a salt addict too. You may be wondering how this is possible, especially if you always choose sweet over salty. But the fact is, 9 out of 10 Americans consume too much sodium. That’s why I spoke with registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Janelle Eligon-Ketchum of Nutrition Unlimited….
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IBX associates volunteering at Turning Points for Children.
Michelle Histand is pictured 4th from the left with IBX associates volunteering at Turning Points for Children.

Why do IBX Associates Volunteer?

Sometimes the hardest part of volunteering is getting started. We keep waiting until we have more time, until we find the right organization, until we figure out how we can help….
The Latest U.S. Dietary Guidelines and What You Need To Know
The U.S. government recently published a new set of dietary guidelines to reflect the most current findings in nutrition science. It’s 500 pages long and aimed at public health professionals, so we’ve asked registered dietitian and certified personal trainer John Rickards to break it down for us. But before we get into the details, John wants to emphasize that these are just guidelines,…
Knowing your health numbers can save your life
Date of birth, phone numbers, Social Security numbers — keeping these numbers top of mind can save you a lot of time. But when it comes to your health, knowing specific numbers may actually help save your life.

What health numbers do I need to know?

The basic numbers you need to know are your: Blood sugar Blood pressure Cholesterol Body weight and BMI By keeping track of these numbers,…
Learn how to stop emotional eating with these healthy holiday eating tips.
With holiday parties, family dinners, and happy hours, it can feel near impossible to find a balance when it comes to your health. But fear not, help is near! We spoke registered dietitian and certified personal trainer John Rickards with to give you some tips for healthy holiday eating and advice on how to survive the busy and ever-so-tempting holiday season….
When the mercury rises, so does your risk of heat-related illnesses. Although heat-related illnesses can affect anyone, there are certain risk factors that may make you more susceptible during the summer heat. Infants, young children, and the elderly are all at a higher risk for heat exhaustion. In addition, certain medications — such as high blood pressure medication — may affect your body’s ability to regulate heat and stay hydrated….
I’ve always assumed that nutritional counseling is something you do when you’re finally serious about healthy eating and losing weight. But after speaking with registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Janelle Eligon-Ketchum of Nutrition Unlimited, I learned that nutritional counseling can help you achieve even more — whether it’s improving your race time in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run or managing a chronic health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure….